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Monthly Bale Banjar Culture Club at the Ayodya Bali Resort

Ayodya Bali Resort Launches Monthly Program of Free Lectures on Balinese Life, History and Culture

(11/8/2017) As part the Ayodya Resort Bali’s commitment to be an inclusive part of the Bali community, a monthly series of free lectures on Balinese life, culture and history will be launched on Sunday, November 12, 2017 at the Resort’s Bale Banjar venue.

Scheduled for the second Sunday of each month, hotel guests, Bali visitors and Island resident are welcome to attend each week’s lecture – the Bale Banjar Culture Club that starts at 7:00 pm in the Bale Banjar venue located just off the Resort's Main Lobby. news, bali news, bali update, bali informations

The inaugural Bale Banjar Culture Club will feature Ron Lilley, a Bali-based herpetologist. A long time resident of the Island, Lilley has been called “The Snake Man of Bali”  for his encyclopedic knowledge regarding snakes and for organizing the Bali Snake Patrol that regularly rescues snakes that have found their way into hotels, private villas and local communities.
Ron Lilley will speak on "Snakes in Bali Culture," providing insights on Bali Hindu traditional attitudes towards snakes and familiarize those in attendance with the some of the 46 species of land snakes and 15 species of sea snakes endemic to Bali – most of which have been photographed by Lilley.
Ron has promised to bring several "well-behaved" non-venomous snakes along as part of his Sunday evening presentation.
Each Bale Banjar Culture Club Gathering starts at 7:00 pm with a cash bar in operation starting from 6:00 pm to socialize with other Culture Club participants. The lecture will run for approximately 45-minutes, including a question and answer session. After each presentation, the speaker will dine at the Ayodya’s Waterfall Restaurant where an attractive dinner package is on offer.
Bale Banjar Culture Club
Schedule of Speakers
7:00 pm  - Ayodya Bali Resort at the Bale Banjar
Sunday - 12 November 2017
Snakes in Bali Culture
By Ron Lilley of Bali Snake Patrol
Sunday – 10 December  2017
The Shadows that Dance in and Out of My Memory: Bali 1964 -2009
By Janice Mantjika
Mantjika shares her experiences as a young wife and mother transplanted from New Zealand that inspired her book “The Shadows that Dance in and Out of My Memory”. Landing in Bali with a infant daughter and a Balinese husband in 1964 on the eve of the most tumultuous period in Indonesian history,  “Jan” will share details of her remarkable life in Bali over the ensuing four decades.
Sunday – 14 January 2018
Topic and Speaker to be advised
Sunday – 11 February 2018
Do you Dare to be a Balinese?
By  I Gusti Raka Panji Tisna
A graduate of U.S. and Australian Universities, Panji is a man of many parts: author, cultural  expert, lecturer, dancer and internationally certified Yoga instructor all forming part of his diverse and interesting biography. While many fantasize on the idyllic existence of being “born Balinese,” Panji will share the specific challenges and tribulations of what growing up in a Balinese household entails.
Sunday -  11 March 2018
Balinese Music Demystified
Vaughan Hatch - Ethnomusicologist
Native New Zealander and ethnomusicologist Vaughan Hatch first came to Bali in 1997 to commence what has become a life-long study of traditional Balinese music. Along the way Hatch established a Balinese family and founded the Sanur-baed Mekar Bhuana musical group dedicated to preserving ancients forms of Balinese gamelan and compositions. Hatch is certain to add insights that will enhance everyone’s appreciation of Balinese Music
Sunday – 8 April 2018
Topic and speaker to be advised
Bale Banjar Culture Club
Second Sunday of Every Month Starting at 7:00
Ayodya Bali Resort  - Nusa Dua

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