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Million Meals March in Bali – 05 March 2023

After the successful 5 km and 15 km Million Meals Marches in 2021 and 2022 that raised over one billion rupiahs, Scholars of Sustenance – Bali Strong returns on 05 March 2023.

The Millions Meals March It is a fundraising event where the participants run or walk through the scenic beauty of the Tabanan Regency in west Bali to help raise money for people in need.

The 2021 and 2022 that raised over Rp. 1 Billion the Million Meals March (MMM 2023) by Scholars of Sustenance – Bali Strong returns.

This year The Million Meals March will be held on Sunday, 05 March 2023.

What is SOS?

Since 2017, SOS has “rescued” excess foods from hotels, retailers, and restaurants to be recycled for Bali’s growing list of people needing sustenance assistance. With an estimated 100 hotels and numerous restaurants closed due to the continuing COVID-19 pandemic, many of the once dependable food donations disappeared from a network but are now slowly being reestablished. 

To feed Bali’s hungry, SOS has created a range of programs such as: 

Scholars of Sustenance has successfully distributed over 25 million meals globally through the end of 2022. The organization has set a target to serve 50 million meals globally by 2025.

Million Meals March 2023

MMM 2023 on 05 March will offer two tracks: a 15 km run and a 5 km route. While many participants desire to run the longer course competitively, the shorter distance suits runners or participants merely seeking a group walk, perhaps in the company of family members and friends.


The MMM 2023 is operated in partnership with Puri Anyar at Kerambitan. This Puri or Palace is a center of culture and history, representing one of Bali’s oldest Kingdoms, tracing its earliest roots to the early 1600s. 

Organizers of MMM 2023 proclaim that the fund-raising sporting event is intended to revitalize the spirit of Bali and encourage solidarity. With the blessing from the Royal family of Kerambitan, SOS and the participants of the March are undertaking treks to raise Millions of rupiahs for nutritious meals! 

The MMM 2023 will pass through the villages of Kerambitan, the dense jungles of Tabanan, the Yeh Ho River valley, across cascading rice fields, and finally to Beraban Beach. 

At the beachfront finish line of the Million Meals March, participants will gather to enjoy some well-deserved BBQ, drink, and, perhaps, a splash in the sea.


After signing up at, SOS will make a personal campaign page for each participant to assist them in raising funds. The link can be shared with family and friends, to ask them to sponsor their campaign.

The cost of participation is Rp. 1.5 million – the price is the same for both the short and long-course.

The registration cost includes the following:

In the past, many participants have solicited the registration cost via contributions from friends and colleagues wishing to support their participation in this important fund-raising event. 


Proceed will support the work of Scholars of Sustenance to provide much-needed nourishment for the underprivileged living in Bali.

Participants will raise funds to help us provide highly nutritious meals for the vulnerable communities in Bali. Proceeds will go directly to providing healthy and nutritious food to those most needing support. 

Million Meals March 2023 – Kerambitan, Tabanan

Sunday, 05 March 2023 

Start: Puri Anyar Kerambitan – Tabanan at 7:00 am

Finishing Party: On the Beach at Kerambitan

To Order Tickets Online

Contact Ratna Soebrata – General Manager SOS – Email

WA: +62 81 781 8626 and +62 81 139 8626 

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