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Minding Ps & Qs, Do’s & Don’ts in Bali

The Bali Office for the Ministry of Law and Human Rights is in the process of translating a variety of “Do’s and Don’t” brochures for free distribution to Island visitors.

The initial print run of 1,000 brochures contains 12 obligatory (“Do’s”) and 8 Don’ts for Bali visitors.

Quoted by, Anggiat Napitupul, the Bali chief of the office for the Ministry of Law and Human Rights, said on 07 June 2023: “We have already translated the brochure into English. We are now printing a flexible card that can be inserted inside a passport. This week we plan that immigration officials will distribute these cards at the airport.”

Plans are for the “Do’s and Don’t” Cards to be slipped inside arriving tourists’ passports once they have completed the immigration process.

Eventually, the “Do’s and Don’t” brochures will be produced in five languages following the launch of the English edition. Future editions will be translated into Hindi, Russian, Mandarin, and Japanese.

The Do’s

The 12 “Do’s” outlined in the brochure:

1. Honor and respect the sanctity of religious sites and symbols.

2. Respect local mores, traditions, art, culture, and the “local wisdom” of the Balinese people.

3. To dress politely and respectfully when visiting sacred places, tourist attractions, and public areas in Bali.

4. Behave politely when visiting sacred areas, tourist sites, restaurants, shopping areas and while walking on main roads and thoroughfares.

5. Use the services of a licensed official guide when visiting tourist attractions.

6. Use only authorized money changers and banks displaying the required QR Code issued by Bank Indonesia.

7. Make electronic payments using the Indonesian QR Code.

8. Use only the Indonesian Rupiah in all financial transactions.

9. Operate motorized vehicles following Indonesian laws, including holding a valid international or Indonesian driving license. Obey all traffic rules and regulations. Motorists should dress politely, wear helmets, and not exceed the stated passenger capacity. Vehicles should never be operated while under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

10. Only operate “road-worthy” vehicles. Also, rent two-wheeled vehicles from formal organizations authorized and licensed to rent motorcycles.

11. Use only accommodations licensed to house tourists.

12. Observe and obey all rules posted at tourist attractions and tourist sites. 

The Don’ts 

The eight “Don’ts” mentioned in the brochure:

1. Only enter the center or central areas of sacred temples, such as sacred rooms, yards, or buildings, if you are actively participating in prayers and are wearing traditional Balinese costumes.

Menstruating women should never enter a sacred area.

2. Do not attempt to climb trees designated as sacred by the surrounding population.

3. Never do anything that offends the sanctity of sacred places, such as temples, religious paraphernalia, and religious slogans. This includes prohibitions against climbing on religious buildings to take photos while dressed immodestly.

4. Do not discard trash in ways that pollute lakes, fountains, rivers, oceans, and public areas.

5. Please avoid using “single-use” plastic bags, Styrofoam, and plastic straws.

6. Do not use harsh language, exhibit impolite behavior, or cause public disorder in Bali. Do not act aggressively or spread “hate speech” on social media towards government officials, local citizens, or fellow visitors. Also, do not spread misinformation and hoaxes. 

7. Only work or transact business while possessing the appropriate government permits and documents.

8. Do not participate in illegal activities such as trading in flora, fauna, cultural artifacts, sacred paraphernalia, or illicit drugs.

The brochures are the result of a series of incidents where foreign visitors have poorly behaved during their Bali holiday.

Through Tuesday, 06 June 2023, immigration officials in Bali deported 135 foreign nationals. The largest number of deportees were Russians totaling 35.

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