A Decade of Dedication

As Term of Office Draws to a Close, Governor Pastika Laments Unfinished Tasks
Reminiscing at Balipost.com, Bali Governor Made Mangku Pastika will end his final term of office in 2018, which has prompted him to reflect on his achievements and disappointments after serving 10 years as the Island’s Chief Executive.
Among Governor Pastika’s regrets was that he was unable to make a substantive impact on cross-sectoral development and in creating an equitable level of development among the various regions of Bali. 
“In fact, Bali is geographically speaking a small Island and easily covered by information technology and transportation systems,” lamented the Governor when delivery a report to the Bali House of Representatives (DPRD-Bali) on Monday, April 2, 2018.
Pastika said that the welfare of the Balinese people is still not enjoyed in an equitable way across every corner of the Island. While many enjoy an excellent quality of life, others still live in misery. “We are not yet able to formulate and implement a consistent and consequential concrete way to over come this imbalance,” he said.
Separately, Pastika said the mindset of the Balinese people is still linked to a feudalistic time, unable to be responsive and proactive in dealing with the fast-paced change of current and future times.  The Governor suggested that the Balinese are content to rest on their laurels and listen to praise, forgetting that the world is ever-changing.  At the same time, he warned, technology and information are advancing, as life progresses in the fast lane leaving many behind.

Continuing, the Governor said: “I have not yet been able to make Bali truly safe and peaceful. There are more and more indigenous Balinese turning to criminality, including modern crimes involving narcotics and human trafficking. There is also a continuing potential for civil unrest that can be triggered by conflict arising from differences between tribal, religious, racial and groups.”

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