Banyuwangi Beckons Bankers!

Banyuwangi to Lure IMF-World Bank Delegates Coming to Bali to Include a Stop in East Java
The Regency of Banyuwangi in East Java is seeking to use the International Monetary Fund (IMF) – World Bank Summit in October 2018 as an opportunity to publicize their region as a world-class tourism destination to the more than 15,000 delegates from 189 countries expected to attend the conference. reports that East Java administrators are inviting local travel and tour agents to assist in promoting tourism to Banyuwangi. 
Among the attractions that will be spotlighted include the Mount Ijen Volcano, outstanding beach locations, and a National Park Reserve. 
Among the beaches that local officials warrant tourist visits are Bangsring Underwater, Plengkung and Merubetiri. In addition thar are three National Park in the region: Alaspurwo, Merubetiri, and Baluran. 
The head of the Banyuwangi Regional Planning and Development Agency (Bappeda), Suyanto Waspo Tondo W, said promotion of tourism to East Java is being dones through the Ministry of Tourism who will offer Banyuwangi as one of a number of pre and post conference tours to the IMF-World Bank Conference delegates.
He urged tour and travel agents in Banyuwangi to not be overly ambitious and try to sell all that the area has to offer visitors but, instead, promote the specific areas of tourism in which they have a proven expertise. The tourism sub-sectors for specialization include Bangsring Underwater, Plengkung Beach for surfing, or visits to the National Park. 
Meanwhile, the head of the Department for Communications and Information (Diskominfo) for East Java, Eddy Santoso, praised the World Bank Conference in October saying it will not only expose Bali, but also other areas of Indonesia. He said efforts were underway so the 18,000 delegates and press from 189 countries will travel beyond Bali to other areas of the Nation after the conference ends.
“We will undertake efforts to spread information. Banyuwangi is extraordinary. These people (the delegates) must learn: Indonesia is not just Bali!” said Santoso.
The Government has confirmed that the airport at Banyuwangi will provide parking supplemental space for VIP aircraft used by delegations traveling to Bali for the conference.

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