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Police Holding Two Bulgarians Suspected of Trying to Skim ATM Machine in Ubud, Bali
Two  Bulgarians, Atanasov (28) and Migaylov (26), have been arrested by police in Bali caught reportedly in the act of trying to skim customer data for an ATM operated by CIMB Niaga Bank.

As reported by Nusa Bali, the two Bulgarian “tourists” were seen acting suspiciously by a security guard at a restaurant adjacent to a CIMB ATM booth in Ubud Kelod. The security guard saw the two foreigners disembark from an automobile and enter the ATM where they remained for an extended time.

The security guard, Dewa Gede Anom, became increasingly concerned when he saw the men use tape to cover the lens of the CCTV camera inside the ATM booth. Shortly thereafter the restaurant guard contacted the Ubud Police Station.

Police responded immediately arriving at the scene to discover the two Bulgarians still inside the ATM booth. Suspecting the men were involved in skimming operations, police took the men into custody for interrogation.

During the police interview the men denied any wrongdoing. But, because the men had been caught attempting to impede the CCTV surveillance system using duct tape they were handed over to Ubud Police Headquarters for further investigation.

Also taken as evidence were a motor vehicle, 2 back bags, 3 hand phones, 4 ATM cards, 2 black wallets, 5 hats, one roll of duct tape, one hand wrench, 2 crow bars, 1 screwdriver, 10 connectors, one folding knife, 1 shiv, 1 WiFi connection and 1 round key.

Police also roped off the CIMB ATM in order that it could be examined as a crime scene.

Police have also visited the accommodation addressof the two men in Sidakarya, South Denpasar in search of any incriminating evidence.

Police are refusing further comment on the case while it remains under investigation.

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