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Hoping March is a Hare that Cares

Bali by the Numbers: Bali Tourism Arrivals Dip 11.4% for Period January-February 2018
The pervasive feeling among tourism industry players during the start to 2018 that tourist number were substantially down was confirmed by the recently released arrival numbers covering the first two months of the year.

January 2018 foreign arrivals to Bali totaled 358,065, a figure that was down month-on-month by 22.3% from the 460,824 arrivals recorded in January 2017. February figures suggest, however, that the lingering effect of Mount Agung were being shaken off with 452,453 foreign tourist arrivals for January 2018 almost on a par with the 453,985 foreign tourists who arrived in January 2017.
On a cumulative basis for the period January-February 2018, tourist arrivals of 810,423 were down an overall 11.4% from the same two-month period in 2017.
Losers and Gainers
Bali’s two top sources of foreign visitors - China and Australia took big hits on a cumulative basis for the first two months of 2018, down respectively 35.56% and 13.20%.

Indian tourism to Bali surge ahead 59.08% for January-February 2018 totaling 55,530. Showing a modest 4.69%increase for the same period was Japan at 35,845 visitors.

India is now the 3rd largest source of tourists to Bali with Japan now ranked at #4.
South Korea and Taiwan tourist dropped substantially for January-February, down 38.16% and 29.75% respectively year-on-year. Singapore arrivals decreased 11.33% for the first two months of the year.
Showing double-digit growth in January-February arrivals were Malaysia (+11.06%) and the Philippines (+13.16%).

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