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‘Being Local' Celebrated at Indigenous Festival in Ubud May 11-13, 2018
Bali’s cultural center of Ubud will host the Indigenous Celebration 2018 on May 11-13, 2108. The event is being promoted by its organizers as Bali’s “first-ever” gathering of indigenous people from around the world in a “spirit of dance, music, wisdom, education, unity and connection.”
Bali was chosen as host for the event because its unique attributes that has made the Island the heart of culture for Indonesia.
The event will attract indigenous groups from Indonesia and abroad including Australian aboriginals, Maori's from New Zealand, and Nagaland tribes’ people from Northeast India. In all, 32 different indigenous groups will represent 7 countries featuring indigenous dancers, musicians, storytellers, elders and youth leaders will gather at The Arma Museum & Resort.
The Festival will be followed by a 2-day private educational event at the Green School, May 14 – 15 with schools from across Indonesia invited to attend.
The Indigenous Celebration is presented by Ranu Welum Foundation - an organization based in Palangka Raya, Central Kalimantan working to promote culture, humanity, the environment, and the rights of indigenous people. This organization works to mobilize indigenous youth, especially the Dayaks of Kalimantan. Emmanuel Shinta, the founder of Ranu Welum and also co-founder of the event said: “This is an opportunity to honor our culture which we inherit from our ancestors, and to celebrate our identity as the first people of the land with all the wonderful gifts that we possess. There are seven Dayak groups from different areas of Kalimantan that will come to Bali. I am so proud that Dayak people who used to be labeled as ‘jungle people’ or ‘scary headhunters’ are now leading the youth indigenous movement to be recognized by this country and an international audience. This is the time to give room for indigenous people to be accepted not only with our beauty but also with our struggles, and to walk together with non indigenous in a spirit of unity and collaboration.”
David Metcalf, who co-founded the event, has spent many years supporting indigenous communities. Adding: “Through this event, I hope to combine youth with the ‘wise ones’ - the older generation who hold so much wisdom and knowledge that is often buried away and can be lost forever. We simply cannot let that happen. I am so happy to see more young indigenous leaders rise up with incredible power to build their communities and preserve their culture. This stage is all for them!”
Over 180 indigenous performers are scheduled to perform during the Indigenous Festival.
All schools are welcome to attend the daily workshops at The Arma and Green School educational session, which are free of charge by arrangement.
Tickets prices start from Rp 250,000 for individual evening performances. Three-day tickets can be purchased starting from Rp. 600,000 with student tickets discounted 50%. Children under 12 can attend without charge.
Events during the daytime include cultural workshops and booths selling merchandise and food
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