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Angry Mob of Tour Guides Demand Police Move Against Chinese Guides Working Illegally in Bali
Hundred of drivers and local Chinese-speaking guides gathered outside the Kuta Police Precinct in the early hours of Friday, April 6, 2018, demanding police take firm action against Chinese Guides working illegally in Bali. 
As reported by Beritabali.com, more than 500 people gathered in protest outside the police post in Kuta, causing police to temporarily detour traffic around the spontaneous demonstrators. 
The mass protest began after a local Mandarin speaking guide Edy (36) was beaten by foreigners working illegally in Bali as Chinese-speaking guides. The angry crowd, demanding the foreign assailant be arrested, began to gather at the Kuta Police Station at 11:40 pm on Thursday night, April 5, 2018.
Yoshua Michael, head of the Public Welfare Section (Kesra) of the Indonesian Guide Association (HPI-Bali), told the press: “The victim has a swollen lip. Earlier we brought him for medical examination. We have made a (police) report. We have video evidence. He (the Indonesian guide, Edy) was attacked by 5 or 6 people, including a ‘boss’ who ordered that local people be paid to undertake the attack.” 
The “boss” said to be leading the attack is alleged to be an ethnically Chinese Indonesian executive in charge of a tour and travel company serving the Chinese market. 
A man from Hwangdong, China, known as Ahui, is the focus of the altercation and is accused of working illegally as a Chinese guide in Bali without the proper immigration and manpower permits. 
Meanwhile, several local Mandarin guides who are members of the HPI, are objecting strongly to Chinese nationals working illegally as guides. In the case of Ahui, the local guides claim he is “stealing” their guests. Adding to the anger of the local guides also claims that the Indonesian executive of a tour and travel company and Ahui paid local gang (ormas) members to attack Edy at “Warung Kita” in Tuban on Thursday evening. 
Speaking on behalf of HPI, Yoshua Michael complained that there are many other illegal guides, in addition to Ahui, who are working while staying in Bali on a tourist visa. 
“Frankly, we are at threatened by these (illegal) guides. Frankly, we have rights. We pay taxes. But he (Ahui) uses a tourist visa to work as a Mandarin speaking guide in Bali. They often steal our guests. They (the illegal guides) spend a month here and then return (to China) only to return to Bali a short time later,” said Yoshua.  
The HPI have reported the illegal guide and the travel executive to police in Kuta. 
Continuing, Joshua said: “He (Ahui) uses a tourist visa to work. This is not correct. He also attacked (our guide) using 5 or 6 men (gang members). We request that he be processed (by the police) and not allowed to do as he pleases. We want him to answer to the law. We wish to advise the Government that there are foreigners working illegally and making a living in Bali. This is a violation (of the law).” 
In closing, Joshua said: “He (Ahui) does not understand Balinese culture and society and will provide incorrect information working as a guide. He is a foreigner that does not hold a work permit. He is seeking an income in Bali to bring back to his country without paying taxes. In the meantime, we (local guides) are paying taxes.” 
Beritabali.com reports that Ahui has been taken into custody by the police to aid the ongoing investigation with police characterizing the incident as a simple case of miscommunication that resulted in an altercation.

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