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Parents Failing to Parent is Killing Balinese Children

Parents to Blame in Deaths and Injuries Suffered by Under-Aged Children Operating Motor Vehicles

The Director of Traffic at the Bali Police Headquarters, Commissioner Wisnu Putra, has laid the blame at the feet of parents for the high rate of serious traffic accidents in Bali involving under-aged millennials. Putra lamented that many parents allow their children to operate vehicles on Bali’s roads despite being under-aged and unlicensed.

Quoted by Balipost.com, Putra said he hoped parents would stop playing a role in the homicide of young children. “Children under the age of 17 years are ineligible to hold a driver’s license. This means they are not allowed to operate either a 2-wheel or 4-wheel vehicles. If parents give children a vehicle to operate it is the same as plunging them into a situation of mortal danger. The police seek cooperation in our efforts to try to save the lives of the coming generation,” said Putra on Monday, January 13, 2020.

The police officer in charge of traffic safety for Bali said children caught driving a vehicle while underage will not be settled merely with the simple issuance of a traffic ticket. The parents will be summoned by the police who will issue guidance so that parents no longer allow children to drive.

The traffic police in Bali are conducting safe driving education for all members of the community. How a driver’s license is issued and is also being reviewed.

Even though children are forbidden to drive, the rules of the road and guidelines on road safety must be taught from the earliest ages so that by the time they become adults they will have an understanding of the rules.

Scores of under-aged children are killed and badly injured in Bali each year. Sadly, adults are active collaborators in these needless deaths starting from parents who allow under-age children to drive; to school principals that turn a blind eye to hundreds of motorcycles parked at Junior and Senior high schools across Bali; and to law enforcement officers who, for whatever reason, fail to fully enforce violations of traffic laws by minor children.


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