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Three Men Sent to Prison for Selling Magic Mushrooms in Kuta, Bali
Once openly available for sale on the streets of Kuta in Bali, magic mushrooms (psilocybin mushrooms) were officially declared a “category one” narcotic on January 1, 2015, making their sale or use of subject to a long prison terms. reports that the Denpasar District Court found three magic mushroom sellers guilty of being in possession of 1.16 kilograms of the fungi on April 5, 2108.

The men received varying sentences from the panel of judges.Heriyanto (31) and Pak Wito (53) who were found guilty of cultivating the mushrooms and searching for them in cow pastures where they thrive in cow manure to six years in prison. Meanwhile, another man, Muhazzim Alias Acim (31), was found guilty of dealing the magic mushrooms to the public and received a lesser sentence of five years behind bars.

All three men were fined Rp. 1 billion for their crimes equaling an additional 2 months in prison if the fine remains unpaid.

The sentences handed down by the Court were in each instance one year less than the sentence sought by State Prosecutors.

Speaking through their lawyer, all three men told the court they accepted their sentences and would not appeal the case through the judicial system. Similarly, Prosecutors told the Court they were satisfied with the sentence meaning giving the sentence finality under the law.

Police arrested the three men on October 22, 2017 at their residences in Kuta where police found 138 packages of magic mushrooms weighing a total 1.16 kilograms

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