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Seeking a Fair Share for Bali

Bali Lawmaker Seek a Profit Share from Bali Airport Operations'
The Central Government in Jakarta has declared its intention to increase the capacity of Bali’s Ngurah Rai Airport by adding a parallel runway. 
As reported by NusaBali, the Bali House of Representatives (DPRD-Bali) supports Governor Made Mangku Pastika plans to authorize the new runway, but wants the Province of Bali to negotiate with the airport authority - PT Angkasa Pura (PT PAP) to receive a revenu share from the highly profitable air gateway. 
I Nengah Tamba, the chairman of Commission III of the DPRD-Bali that deals with development, infrastructure and the environment, see the desire to add a runway as an opportunity to negotiate profit sharing with PT PAP.
Tamba says the goal of the extra runway is to increase the income of Bali’s Airport, prompting him to say: “So, what does Bali get? We are talking about justice when it comes to income.”

Tamba admits that PT PAP has the authority under the law to organize the territory of Bali’s Airport. But, at the same time, he thinks it appropriate for Bali’s Governor to support a demand for a profit share from Airport operations. Adding: “Yah, share a little bit with the provincial government. From the 50-hectare enlargement of the Airport, Bali must be able to share in the profits. How can this be done? The problem is positioned as an issue (to be resolved) between the Province of Bali, Angkasa Pura and the Central Government.”
Tamba opined that the enlargement of the Ngurah Rai Airport through reclamation and land acquisition is purely a business decision. “Certainly PT PAP has calculated its profits. The parking of aircraft creates a big income. 
Meanwhile, the Province of Bali must recommend the additional land needed for the airport expansion with the permissions issued by Jakarta. If we share a little, that should be no problem. What’s important, there is an agreement and a proper mechanism,” said Tamba. 
Tamba said that with the Airport providing a source of income for the Province, Bali would not be solely dependent on revenue from vehicle taxes. He says vehicle taxes as a source of provincial income has reached its limits. Explaining: “Bali is congested with motor vehicles. If the roads are congested, the tourists will become bored with visiting Bali. So, this is killing the people’s economy in Bali and is very dangerous. (Traffic congestion) is like a cancer, killing us slowly without us being aware. So if we only depend on vehicle taxes we are finished. So far, we have to admit that the people (of Bali) live from tourism.”

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