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Skimpy Sentence for Skimming Bulgarian in Bali

Bulgarian Caught Skimming ATM Machines in March Sentenced to 8 Months Prison

A Bulgarian national, Vassil Kirilov Bakarsky (47), has been sentenced to 8 months in prison for skimming an ATM at several locations in Bali, with police catching the man “red handed” on March 15, 2019 illegally withdrawing Rp. 15 million from an ATM Outlet.

The State News Agency Antara, reports the 8 month sentence and a fine were less than the one year sentence sought by State Prosecutors.

The three attorneys representing the Bulgarian instantly accepted the sentence handed down by the court, signifying that no appeal would be made to the higher court.

Bakarsky told the court that he had been hired by a man named Vova in Bali to help rob ATM machines in Bal. Vova is reportedly now being sought by police. Vova provided 10 ATM skimming cards and corresponding PIN numbers with the understanding that he would be paid 10% of all fund withdrawn from the machines.

At the time of his arrest Bakarskywas was in possession of 10 blank ATM cards, various items of clothing, and evidence of transactions completed at several ATM cards in Bali.

Rp. 10 million in Rp. 100,000 notes was confiscated from the man and returned to Bank Negara in Bali.

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