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The Constant Search for Kostadin

Family Continues Search More than 6 Weeks After Bulgarian Man Went Missing While Diving at Nusa Penida, Bali
Kostadin Kanavrov from Dobrich, Bulgaria, has been missing since February 14, 2018, disappearing while diving at Nusa Penida in Bali. 
Beritabali.com reports that the missing man’s sister, Marieta Zdravkova Kanavrova, visiting Bali on April 3, 2018, said her sibling disappeared while doing free diving together with two friends from Bulgaria on February 14, 2018 at Nusa Penida. The two friends reported the man’s missing status to the local police. 
Upon learning her brother was missing, Marieta immediately flew to Bali to help search efforts starting from February 18, 2018. After searching for an entire week without any success, the Search and Rescue team ceased searching for the Bulgarian. 
Undeterred, Marieta continued an independent search for her brother Kostadin covering  local islands and the surrounding seas from Bali to Java, even going so far as renting a helicopter for a period.

Sadly, no trace of the missing Bulgarian was found. 
Marieta refuses to abandon her search for her brother who is also awaited by a wife and two children in Bali. 
“My missing brother, Kostadin Kanavrov, is 174 centimeters tall, weighs 90 kilograms, and is 40 years old. This was his first holiday to Bali when he disappeared. If anyone has information on his whereabouts we ask them to please advise us because his family in Bulgaria hopes he is still alive and will return,” Marieta implored. 
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