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Unplanned Fireworks Display at Trans Studio Mall

Fire Destroys Neon Lighting atop Newly-Opened Trans Studio Mall in Bali

Neon lighting installed on level 6 of the Trans Studio Mall (TSM) on Jalan Iman Bonjol caught fire on Monday, January 13, 2020, at approximately 10 pm.

The sign that caught fire was intended to advertise the brand and location of Bali’s recently-opened multi-million dollar Tran Studio Amusement Park. The location of the fire gave the mistaken impression that the towering roller coaster atop TSM was also on fire and caused a momentary panic among mall visitors and employees. Given the late hour and closing time of 11:00 pm, the number of visitors in attendance at the mall was minimal at the time of the fire.

The fires was initially discovered by a member of TSM’s security detail. Shortly after detection, the fire grew momentarily as staff members used portable fire extinguishers to bring the fire under control. As TSM workers fought the fire they were joined by members of the Denpasar Fire Brigade who assisted by dousing the burning light with water.

Because of the fire, the closing time of TSM was advanced by 30 minutes to 10:30 pm.

The Secretary of the Denpasar Disaster Mitigation Agency (BPBD-Denpasar), Ardi Ganggas said the ability of the firefighters to arrive at the scene quickly with one fire truck and the assistance of the security team from TSM allowed the fire to be extinguished in only 15 minutes.

NusaBali reports that on the day following the fire, police launched a forensic investigation surrounding the fire to better understand its cause. Police assume the fire was caused by a short circuit but investigators want to understand if professional negligence or sabotage sparked the fire in what was a relatively new electrical installation.

The material damage of the fire is put at approximately Rp. 20 million.

The Trans Studio Mall Bali opened for business as usual on Tuesday, January 14, 2020, with a tarpaulin installed over the damage neon light.

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