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Pet & Feed the Animals at Bali Farm House

A new animal attraction in North Bali offers alternative locations beyond the several zoos and animal parks currently operating on the island’s south. 

As reported by, Pancasari Village in Buleleleng Regency, North Bali, is now home to the charmingly beautiful and educational Bali Farm House, where visiting guests and families can experience agricultural production and interact with and feed the many amicable animals that make their home in the cool mountain-lake district of north Bali.

First opened in February 2024, Bali Farm House is set on a 7-hectare scenic spot surrounded by landscapes and buildings reminiscent of Tuscany, Italy. It is a working farm growing crops and caring for a very diverse collection of affectionate livestock. 

Among the animals roaming the Farm are Peruvian alpacas, owls, ostriches, rabbits, miniature Czech goats, Silkie chickens, ponies, peacocks, hamsters, emu, and donkeys. 

Quoted in NusaBali, the operational manager of Bali Farm House, Yohannes Suryantomo, explained that the unique nature and animal interaction experience aims to please its visitors by allowing up-close-and-personal animal encounters through hand-feeding the Farm’s animals, pony rides for children, and natural education animal-petting experiences.

Once guests pass through the admission gate, additional outlets sell small, purchasable packets of animal feed and fodder suitable for sharing with the Farm’s non-human inhabitants. 

The Bali Farms House is providing employment opportunities for many area young men and women who keep the 7-hectare site immaculately clean and lovingly care for its animal population.

Some of the attractive facilities offered by The Bali Farm House include:

Admission Fees – Indonesian Citizens

Admission Fees – Foreign Nationals

Feed Packs for the Animals

For those wishing to feed the animals at the Bali Farm House, food packets are priced as follows:

Hours of Operations

9.00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.

Bali Farm House.

Jl. Pancasari, Desa/Kel. Pancasari, Kec. Sukasada, Buleleng-Bali

Telephone: +62 (0)368 2021200

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