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Russian Causes a Ruckus in Bali

The continuing Russia – Ukraine conflict has triggered an upsurge in visitors and short-term residents from those two warring nations seeking the relative safety and seclusion offered by life in Bali. Reflecting this, Bali is home to shops, restaurants, and housing developments catering separately to Ukrainians and Russians.

As reported by, Russian National Vladimir Kolesov (48) initially attacked people at the Capri Italian Restaurant in Kuta-Seminyak on Wednesday, 28 February 2024. The same man returned and attacked the Restaurant again on Friday, 01 March 2024, after which police, assisted by local residents, arrested the man. 

At the time of his arrest, Kolesov was reportedly carrying a range of sharp weapons, including an axe, knife, and a pair of scissors. A further search of the Russian’s motorcycle yielded more sharp weapons,

Press reports say the Russian man disrupted late-night operations at the Capri Italian Restaurant on Jalan Camplung Tanduk Seminyak in Kuta.

Capri Italian Restaurant states that Koselov was involved in an unspecified dispute with the Italian Restaurant’s owner that supposedly precipitated the foreigner running amok. 

Witnesses said the Russian wielded an axe, inflicting damage across several areas of the Restaurant.

The incident was recorded on the Restaurant’s CCTV surveillance system.

The highly emotional man menaced and threatened the owner and employees of the Capri Italian Restaurant with an axe in one hand and knife in the other, also threatening to stab the bystanders; reports say the crazed Russian chased workers onto the adjoining roadway.

Police say the man damaged items at the Restaurant, including framed menu displays, furniture, a door lock at the entrance, a wooden stairway, and a room divider, 

The owner of the Restaurant estimates the damage caused by the disruptive Russian exceeds ten million rupiahs. 

Police from the Kuta Precinct took Vladimir Kolesov into custody without incident.

Police continue to investigate the crime.

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