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Soft Restart Trans Sarbagita Bus System

Following an extended period of being parked, ten busses – each with a capacity for 32 passengers – operated by the Trans Sarbagita Public Bus System returned to service on 02 February 2022.

As reported by NusaBali.comThe Trans Sarbagita Bus System (Denpasar-Badung-Gianyar-Tabanan) that ceased service in 2018 has now recommenced limited operations along the corridor GOR Ngurah Rai (Denpasar) -Jalan PB Sudirman (Denpasar) – UNUD Campus Jimbaran (South Kuta)-Nusa Dua. 

The restored bus service will primarily provide transportation support for UNUD Collegiates and tourism workers in Nusa Dua.

The head of the Transportation Service for the Province of Bali, I Wayan Gede Samsi Gunarta, said on Tuesday, 01 February 2022, that The Trans Sarbagita Bus System was initially launched in 2011 by then-Governor Made Mangku Pastika with an armada of 33 busses. In late 2018, Governor Wayan Koster, due to a lack of passengers, suspended operations of 23 busses while revealing the public transport system was losing an estimated Rp. 18 billion each year. 

Although Governor Koster initially retained ten operating busses for The Trans Sarbagita Bus System to serve students and tourism workers, the remaining busses were later removed from service. Subsequently, the province introduced the new Bus Trans Metro Dewata Bus System to provide limited public transportation service.

Gunarta told that after a year of sitting idle and parked, a decision was made to again operate the ten busses of The Trans Sarbagita System due to popular demand from the public and the current gradual relaxation of limitations on public movements during the continuing pandemic.

The Bus Trans Metro Dewata is now serving other bus routes in Bali.

The province has prepared a budget allocation of Rp. 1.5 billion to subsidize the redeployment of 10 Trans Sarbagita Busses under a private operator on the single corridor. 

The bus tariff on the single corridor now operated by The Trans Sarbagita System is Rp. 3,500 per person. University and other students are allowed to travel without charge.

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