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The Fingers Do the Walking at Jari Menari

Jari Menari Massage Offer Home and Villa Service

Jari Menari – the award-winning massage centers based in Bali have answered the challenges of physical distancing and and healthy living in the course of the global pandemic

Bringing its 19-years of experience as Bali’s leading professional massage center to bear, Jari Menari has launched a new program, bringing their healing and restorative “touch” to the comfort of homes and villas in Bali.

Jari Menari has launched an innovative program where one of their highly-trained massage practitioners will come to your house or villa with everything that’s required for your massage – including a professional, fully-sanitized massage table; massage oils; high quality, and sanitized sarong-sheets and draping sarongs. Setting up for a treatment takes very little time and only needs sufficient room for the set-up of the portable massage table (185 cm x 71 cm).

Air conditioning or a fan? Your call. Consider, also, turning off your mobile phone and putting your favorite relaxing music on the stereo to create a perfect home-spa environment.

For nearly two decades Jari Menari has placed its client’s health and comfort as their top priorities. As a result of the current global pandemic, Jari Menari has devised a safe and secure home-spa environment.

Jari Menari’s COVID-19 protocols and procedures include:

Jari Menari Deep Tissue Massage

Jari Menari massage practitioners work on the muscle and soft tissue of the body. Their new “Deeply Relaxing, Deep Tissue Massage” is effective in treating muscle injuries such as strains, sprains, or stiffness by increasing blood and oxygen flow to the tissue, reducing fluid build-up, and decreasing healing time.

COVID-19 Protocol

Clean facilities, proper practitioner hygiene procedures to ensure guest safety, and disease prevention protocols have long been a cornerstone of Jari Menari’s professional massage practice. The outbreak and rapid spread of COVID-19 highlight the need for renewed attention and increased vigilance in these areas. Because of this, strict protocols have been supplemented to enhance the protection of both clients and practitioners during this time.

Jari Menari continyes to deliver an unparalleled experience of restoration and rejuvenation to its guests. Every team member remains fully committed to strictly following COVID-19 protocols and always keep health uppermost in their minds.

Benefits of an at-home massage

It’s time to say “yes” to a Jari Menari Premium Massage at home.

For more information and bookings:

Telephone: +62-(0)361-736 740
WhatsApp: +62 812 37 692 395


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