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Three Leading Causes of COVID-19 in Bali

With Bali still recording record-high levels of new COVID-19 cases daily, the national and provincial government is intensifying social distancing, health protocols, and mass-vaccination programs.

As reported by, the head of Bali’s Provincial Health Department, Dr. Ketut Suarjaya, has highlighted three leading causes for the increase in new coronavirus cases. In the opinion of Bali’s top health official, the three causes of COVID-19 infections in Bali, listed in order of significance, are:

Dr. Suarjaya claims that the Delta variant of COVID-19 is highly virulent and dangerous, capable of spreading quickly through groups and families. “I remind the public to always use a face mask – even at home, except when they are sleeping. If we are lax and careless for only a moment, one member of a family with weak immunity will be attacked by the Delta variant,” he warned.

In addition to the high mobility of the public, there are still many areas of public gathering and congregation that can become infectious clusters. Suarjaya expressed concern over the continuing popularity of religious and cultural activities and the popularity of traditional markets. Adding, “I have also instructed the public markets in Bali to implement all health protocols strictly and for the public to get vaccinated.”

The Bali Public Health official said the spread of COVID-19 remains high, often tracked to family gatherings and gatherings at religious/cultural events.

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