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Urgent Notice to Indonesians in Russia

Following the outbreak of civil insurrection in Russia on Saturday, 24 June 2023, The Indonesian Embassy in Moscow has issued an urgent notice to all Indonesian nationals living in Russia. The formal announcement (No. 441/KM/PRK/VI/2023) was published on 24 June 2023 and signed by Moh. Fattah H. Hardiwinangun, the Moscow Embassy’s Counsellor for Protocol and Consular matters.

The announcement is in response to security and counter-terrorism measures introduced by the Russian Government in Moscow, Oblast, Voronezh, and Rostov.

Accordingly, the Indonesian Embassy in Moscow has recommended Indonesian citizens in all of Russia and especially in the three areas mentioned above to observe the following preventive measures:

  1. To remain calm, watchful, and follow directions from local government authorities and formal news sources regarding personal security.
  2. Always carry identity documentation (passport) when venturing out on daily activities. This caution is in connection with efforts to safeguard and enhance security in public places, public transportation, train stations, and airports.
  3. For Indonesians in Moscow and Oblast to limit travel outside these cities except in cases of urgent need. This is in keeping with intensified roadside inspections on roadways leading to Moscow.
  4. All Indonesian nationals in Russia are momentarily advised not to travel to Rostov and Voronezh until the situation in these areas becomes more conducive.
  5. Specifically, Indonesian nationals in Rostov and Voronezh should follow all guidance given by the local government to only venture outside their homes/dormitories/place of residence if there is an urgent need for such journeys.
  6. To immediately fulfill the obligation to self-report online at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Website.
  7. The emergency contacts for the Indonesian Embassy in Moscow are:
    1. Telephone contact during Moscow working hours +7 (495) 951-9549 to 51
    1. Hotline for use in emergencies and life-threatening situations +79 8575 024 10

Emails to the Consular section of the Indonesian Embassy Email1  and Email2 .

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