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Urgent Weather Warning for Bali

The Meteorology, Climate, and Geophysics Agency (BMKG) in Bali has issued a weather warning for all areas of Bali for three days from 26-27 February 2024.

Quoted by, the Chief of BBMKG in Denpasar, Cahyo Nugroho, said on Sunday, 25 February, “We recommend that the public remain on alert and exercise caution to fast-changing weather developments.” 

Among forecasted weather developments feared over the coming days are strong winds, falling trees, lightning, floods, puddles on roadways, and landslides. Stormy weather over three days will be marked by medium to heavy rain showers across Bali. 

BBMKG management advises those using sea transportation, fishermen, and water sports participants to be alert for 2 meters or more large coastal waves.

The most significant potential for high waves is in the Bali Ocean (Laut Bali), Badung Straits, Lombok Straits, and the Indian Ocean south of Bali.

During the two days, winds may gust to 36 kilometers per hour from the west – southwest. 

BBMKG says developing weather conditions pose a threat to shipping. Residents reliant on small watercraft will be at some peril sailing in winds of 15 knots or with waves exceeding 1.25 meters. Barges and tugs have also been warned to exercise caution. 

Ferry operators connecting Bali to Java and Lombok have been told to expect to encounter winds exceeding 21 knots and waves of 2.5 meters or more. 

The extreme weather conditions are linked to conditions conducive to forming convective cloud formations and the resulting precipitation. Sea surface temperatures range between 29-31 degrees Celsius with humid atmospheric conditions with air pressure readings of around 200 millibars.

The public is urged to remain alert for sudden weather changes and monitor reports issued by the BMKG.

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