Bali Food Prices Soaring reports Bali residents are encountering record-high prices when shopping for food at local markets.

A case in point is the price of tomatoes, which has increased dramatically. Tomatoes that once fetched around Rp. 15,000 per kilo now can cost Rp. 40,000 per kilogram. The higher price for tomatoes is found at all traditional markets in Denpasar, such as the Badung Market, Kumbasari Market, and Cokroaminoto Market.

Made Puri, a trader at the Badung Market, confirmed the soaring rate for tomatoes. He is now selling small tomatoes for Rp. 31,000 per kilo, medium-sized tomatoes for Rp. 33,000 per kilo, and larger tomatoes for Rp. 38,000 per kilo.

Made Puri blames crop failures due to changing weather patterns for causing the price surge.

Diminished tomato supplies are linked directly to the high prices. Made Puri related how ten vehicles typically transporting tomatoes to market are now down to only three. The farmer apologized for the shortfall, blaming wind and heavy rains for destroying planted tomato crops. 

While tomato prices have increased dramatically, delivery costs have also risen. “If we take tomatoes from the supplier, we must pay Rp 10,000 per suun. If from (Jalan) Gunung Raung, the cost is Rp. 20,000 per suun,” he explained.

At the Cokroaminoto Market, tomatoes are even more expensive, reaching Rp. 40,000 per kilogram over the past two months,

In more normal times, the price of tomatoes at Badung Market ranged from Rp. 14,000 to Rp. 16,000 per kilogram. Even during the primary harvest season, when supplies peaked, the price of tomatoes dropped to just below Rp. 10,000 per kilogram.

Price of Rice

Rice, the mainstay of the Indonesian diet, is also facing supply pressures and soaring prices. Denpasar’s population of 726,800 is estimated to consume 167.81 tons of rice daily, or roughly one liter of uncooked rice per person daily. The current market price for one kilogram of “C4” rice is Ro, 16,0000, with premium brands selling between Rp. 15,000 and Rp. 17,000 per kilo.

As recently as June 2023, one kilogram of rice sold for only Rp. 12,000

Meanwhile, red chili peppers, another mainstay, sell at a very high Rp 50,000 per kilo. 

Cooking oil is on sale at the relatively high price of Rp. 16,000 per liter.

The cost of a single chicken egg now stands at Rp. 2,500.

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