Bali Green Zone Violations & Development

Commission II of the People’s Representative Council of Indonesia (DPR-RI) has spotlighted the many flagrant violations of illegal building in Bali’s “green zones” (jalur hijau) that the legislators view as threats to the Island’s natural environment.

As reported by, A.A. Bagus Adhi Mahendra (Gus Adhi), a Balinese member of the DPR-RI who sits on Commission II, questioned Bali’s Governor Wayan Koster on how the Provincial Government of Bali plans to deal with the problem of illegal building in green zones.

The meeting with Bali’s Governor, which included members of Commission II and leading provincial leaders, spent time reviewing building violations of the green zone and Bali’s progress in handling the current COVID-19 pandemic.

Gus Adhi, emphasizing his concern for the future of Bali, said before the Governor: “In the current effort to develop Bali by implementing zoning rules, there are still many violations of prohibitions to build in the green zone.” The Balinese member of the central DPR-RI also inquired about the continuing imbalance in the Island’s development, with most new projects concentrated in the Badung and Gianyar Regencies with little done to benefit other Bali areas. Gus Ahdi asked the Governor: “How is the policy of creating new tourism destinations in Bali being accomplished so that tourism development is more equitable?

Governor Promises Crackdown on Green Zone Violations

In response to the DPR-RI’s question, Governor Koster admitted that many illegal structures were being erected in green zones. “In early 2022, we will act. We wanted to take action in the recent past. But, because the current situation is difficult with the COVID-19 pandemic, we took pity and postponed action,” said the Governor.

Governor Koster promised to lead teams to address Bali’s zoning laws violations, particularly when those violations involve “no build rules” for green zones and sacred areas.

As regards the imbalance in north-south development in Bali, Bali’s Governor said the COVID-19 pandemic has demonstrated that Bali cannot control the tourism sector. Because of this, the Provincial Government of Bali has begun transforming the Island’s economy over-dependence on tourism. “We have many endemic products that can support the Provincial economy other than only the tourism sector. Later, in developing Bali’s economy, we will prioritize a more equitable, integrated, effective, and less ragtag economy.