Bali Police Set for World Badminton Event

The Chief of Police for the Province of Bali, General Drs. Putu Jaya Danu Putra led “Gapura Agung 2021”  – a large-scale exercise for police and other law enforcement agency on Monday, 8 November 2021, in the parking area of the Nusa Dua Complex (ITDC). Police conducted the drill to rehearse general procedures connected with large-scale events in Bali, particularly as part of the preparations for the Festival Badminton Indonesia, 16 November – 05 December 2021. During the “trial run,” police paid meticulous attention to adherence to all health protocols established by the government to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

Also in attendance at “Gapura Agung 2021″ were the head of the 164th Wira Satya Military Command Brigadier General Husain Sagaf and Bali Disaster Mitigation Agency (BPBD) Chief, I Made Rentin.

The Festival Badminton Indonesia pre-event activities start on 09 November with the arrival of officials and players. The spokesman for the Bali Police, Commissioner Syamsi, explained to, that the purpose of the exercise was to check the preparedness of personnel and equipment and finalize coordination with elements to be deployed for any international event in Bali. Syamsi added, “Bali’s is ready and demonstrates a condition that is conducive to overcome the challenges posed by COVID-19.”  

The series of three back-to-back international badminton tournaments in Bali is happening as the Island slowly reawakens after a two-year shutdown of the Island’s tourism economy due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Bali’s top policeman, General Putu Jayan, pledged the Island’s constabulary would spare no effort in ensuring the badminton festival is a success. By hosting a well-run international sporting event, Bali can demonstrate to the world the positive image of Bali and earn global trust in the Island as a tourism destination. “The success of this event will show that Indonesia and Bali can manage international events while implementing strict health protocols. It will also become the starting point of the momentum that will help restore and restart Bali’s economy,” the General said.

On a larger scale, General Putu Jayan said the successful hosting of the Badminton tournaments will demonstrate that Bali can host the G20 Summit scheduled for November 2022, where Bali will host 7,000 visitors and 38 heads of state.

The Badminton Event will see 840 police personnel deployed over the course of three events: The Daihatsu Indonesian Masters, The Indonesia Open, and the Badminton World Federation (BWF) Tour Final.

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