Bali Suffering a Giant Egg Shortage

A sub-sector of Bali’s extensive handicraft industry – those who carve and decorate large eggs – faces a shortage of egg supplies that form the foundation of their work.

This industry works with various drained egg mediums, including duck, geese, swan, ostrich, and cassowary eggs. In Indonesia, the supply of larger eggs obtained from cassowaries and ostriches is now difficult, as these species are endangered and protected. 

Because of these difficulties, the decorative egg handicraft workers are forced to import large eggshells coordinated by men like Jro Amik, a handicraft artist and seller of decorative eggs from Batuan, Gianyar Regency in Bali. 

Explaining the current predicament, Jro Amik said: “Ostrich bird eggs are imported from Africa. A man from Sulawesi does this. There have been no import deliveries for one year now. It has become very difficult.” He also related that despite the lack of large egg supplies, the demand for the finished highly priced handicraft products remains strong.

The approximate cost of the raw material of an imported ostrich egg is Rp. 700,000. 

Due to the lack of large eggs, handicraft workers make do with duck and goose eggs and sometimes albasia wood carved into large egg-like shapes. Over time, wooden eggs have become increasingly popular, given their durability and ease of shipping.

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