Bali Trial Operating Seaplane Base

Bali is now the base for a Seaplane service – a trial operation for a new and unique form of inter-island transportation. 

As reported by, the small Seaplane is based on Mertasari Beach in South Denpasar. As a trial operation, the aircraft – capable of landing on water or conventional runways, will explore and test suitable routes in the regions surrounding Bali.

The trial operation will determine Bali’s suitability as a seaplane hub, the market demand for float plane services, and the remote destinations now open for tourism. 

“Seaplane operations in Indonesia, the largest archipelagic country in the world, serve as an alternative to ferry transportation, connecting provincial capitals and big cities, and also are a mode of connectivity for tourists from mains airport to marine tourism destinations,” explained the Head of the Transportation Policy Agency (Baketrans ), Ministry of Transportation, Robby Kurniawan.

With Bali projected to receive 6.6 million tourists in 2024, the trial operation of the Seaplane service presents a significant opportunity. This unique form of transportation will not only cater to the growing tourist demand but also open up remote destinations for tourism, thereby boosting the region’s economy.

During the trial operations from Mertasari Beach, the Seaplane service will establish parameters for safe future operations and navigation. This period will also be used by the Transportation Ministry to refine rules and regulations for commercial seaplane operations in Indonesia, ensuring a smooth and efficient service. 

Continuing, Kurniawan said, “Seaplanes are an appropriate form of water transportation for Indonesia, an archipelagic country that has an extraordinary marine tourism potential.” Seaplane airports offer several advantages, including efficiency, environmental friendliness, flexibility, and the ability to connect remote areas.

Currently, Indonesia has five maritime airports operated with special licenses. 

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