Bali’s Minimum Wage in 2024 Increased 3.68%

The State News Agency Antara reports that the Provincial Government of Bali has set the base minimum monthly wage for 2024 at Rp. 2,816,672 – an increase of Rp. 100,000 over the current monthly minimum wage of Rp. 2,713,672,

The head of the Manpower and Natural Energy (ESDM) Department for Bali, Ida Bagus Setiawan, said the new minimum wage level is based on calculations and formulations outlined in new regulations (PP Nomor 51 Tahun 2023).

“We are in joint agreement on establishing the new Provincial Minimum Wage (UMP) and have reported our conclusions to the Governor, said Setiawan. The Governor, in turn, has proclaimed the new UMR in a decree (Nomor 979/03-M/HK/2023 on UMP in Bali for 2024)

The new Minimum Wage for Bali represents an increase of 3.68% over the UMP in 2023.

The Gubernatorial Decree stipulates that effective 01 January 2024, all companies operating in Bali must implement the new minimum wage. 

In calculating the new minimum wage scale, the Provincial Government has contemplated economic growth, rates of inflation, and the UMP of 2023.

The 2024 increase in the UMP is only Rp. 100,000 or 3.68% over the 2023 UMP. The latest increase is more modest than in 2023 when the UMP hike totaled 7.81%,

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