Bold Start to Tourism in January 2024

The number of foreign tourists visiting Indonesia in January 2024 totaled 927,750 – the best performance for January during the past four years.

National Tourist Arrival to Indonesia January 2024

As reported by the State News Agency Antara and, M, Habibullah, the Deputy in charge of Statistics for the National Statistics Agency (BPS), said: “The total of foreign tourists in January 2024 appears to be the best performing January for January in the past four years.”

Habibullah added that the January figure was an 18.94% decline compared to December 2023. December is traditionally a peak month for foreign travel to Indonesia.

Arrival total for January since 2021:

  • 2020 1,290,000
  • 2021 126,520
  • 2022 136,300
  • 2023 798,470
  • 2024 927,750

Foreign visitors to Indonesia in January 2024 were dominated by Malaysians (16.37%), Australia (13.7 %) and Singapore (9.4%).

January 2024 arrivals saw 760,040 international travelers enter via major international gateways and 167,710 as cross-border land gateways.

83.15% of foreign visitors arrived in Indonesia by air, 14.03% via sea, and 2.83 by land transportation.

Bali Arrival Statistics

In January 2024, foreign visitors stayed in Indonesia for 7,93 nights. Visitors originating from ASEAN stayed the shortest time, 3.35 nights, while visitors from Africa stayed the longest at 14.79 nights.

The Island of Bali welcomed 420,037 international tourists in January 2024. That total was a 12.79% decline from the previous peak-season month of December when 481,646 tourists came to Bali. In January 2023, when 331,785 foreign travelers landed in Bal, month-on-month arrivals increased for January 2024 by 26,6% compared to one year earlier. 

Arrivals to Bali in January were Dominated by Australian tourists, totaling 116,580, representing 27.75% of all foreign arrivals. Ranking second highest among arrivals were Mainland Chinese arrivals, numbering 36,766, followed in third place by Indians at 31,169. In fourth place were South Koreans at 24,536, with U.K. residents at fifth, registering 17,798. Also running in among the top ten for arrivals were Singaporeans despite declining a month-on-month arrival of 71.97%

Bali Hotel Occupancies

Hotel occupancies in starred hotels in Bali in January 2024 averaged 56.27%, declining 5,92 points from December 2023. Non-starred hotels averaged 36,24%, down 1.23 points from the average for December 2023.

Length of Stay for January 2024

The average length of stay for foreign and domestic visitors in Bali in January 2024 was 2.54 days, an increase of 0,05 points from the length of stay recorded in December 2023. The length of stay for one year earlier (year-on-year) in January 2024 was 2.36 days, an increase of 0.18 points,

Non-starred hotels in Bali in January 2024 recorded a length-of-stay of 2.21 days, up 0.07 points compared to December 2023’s LOS of 2.14 days. 

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