Boosters Available, Quarantine Now 7 Days

Booster vaccination for COVID-19 will soon be available at Community Health Center (Puskesmas) in Bali Provincial regencies and Denpasar and 62 government and private hospitals.

Quarantine Reduced to 7 Days reports the National Task Force for COVID-19 now stipulates that the mandatory quarantine period for those entering Indonesia from abroad is reduced from 10 to 7 days, regardless of the country of origin.

In anticipation of an increased wave of Omicron cases, the Province of Bali is intensifying its program of booster vaccinations, prioritizing injections for senior citizens.

Explaining the most recent reduction in the quarantine period to a uniform period of seven days, I Made Rentin, the Secretary for the Bali Provincial COVID-19 Task Force, said: “Earlier (the period of quarantine) varied depending on the country of origin for each traveler. With travelers from countries with high rates of Omicron quarantined for ten days. From countries with little or no Omicron cases quarantined for seven days.” The period of quarantine now stands at a uniform seven days.

Rentin conveyed that data provided by the central government via the Ministry of Communications and Informations (Kominfo) recorded 414 Omicron cases in the first ten days of 2022, ending on 10 January. 99% of these cases were recorded as “light cases” of COVID-19. Accordingly, Rentin said that most patients did not require hospitalization and could be treated at their homes.

The head of Bali’s Provincial Health Department, Dr. I Ketut Suarjaya, reports that the people of Bali are enthusiastically embracing plans to receive a third booster shot. Across the Island, 120 health facilities and 62 hospitals are poised to provide boosters. Suarjaya is confident that the 3.4 million people living in Bali will soon have been vaccinated for the third time. 

Bali currently has 500,000 COVID-19 dosages on stand-by, a stock that can be replenished as required.

Booster shots are provided to the public in Indonesia without charge.

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