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Breaking News: Bali COVID Numbers Improve

While’s continuing coverage of trends in new COVID-19 cases and deaths documents a worrying surge that emerged since early July 2021, the most current batch of statistics provided from official sources indicates that the recent wave in the epidemic may finally be on the wane. and Bali Update pays full homage to Ubud-based researcher and statistician Jackie Pomeroy, who maintains a thoughtful vigil on COVID-19 developments in Bali and prepares the very informative graphs accompanying our coverage.

What do the evolving numbers and charts show?

Since 05 July 2021, the number of new COVID cases in Bali had increased steadily prior to the latest trending decline starting from 15 August 2021. The raw data presented below tracks daily new COVID-19 cases from 05 July through 29 August. Also shown starting from 12 July 2021, the number of daily cases recorded in Bali’s capital city of Denpasar (DPS) and the southern regency of Badung.

The latest figures represent welcome news and an apparent vindication of government steps to thwart the rise in COVID-19 cases through limitations on public movements, aggressive inoculation programs, and strict application of health protocols. 

At the same time, many in Bali are concerned that the convergence of two major Balinese holy days (Saraswati 28 August and Pagerwesti 01 September) could precipitate a new wave of infections resulting from group clusters at ceremonial gatherings. 

Again, Bali Update thanks Jack Pomeroy for her meticulous statistical work, without which these reports would not be possible

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