Brit Gets Jail for Assaulting Bali Cop reports that a UK national who assaulted and injured an Indonesian policeman was sentenced to 30 months in jail before a Denpasar Court on Tuesday, 04 July 2023.

The sentence handed down in an online court proceeding by a panel of judges headed by Ida Ayu Nyoman Adnya Dewi was less than the 32 months demanded by State Prosecutors.

Jamnitzky at a in-person court session

Stephen Michael Jamnitzky, age 39, born in Chelmsford, England, was found guilty of assaulting police officer Adhi W of the Kuta Police Precinct during the apprehension process for disorderly behavior and public drunkenness.

In handing down the sentence, the judges deemed Jamnitzky to have been evasive and uncooperative in answering questions and following instructions given by the police.

After hearing the sentence handed down by the Denpasar Court, Jamnitzky reverted to character and became unruly during his online court proceeding. He immediately announced his intention to appeal his verdict. Meanwhile, prosecutors said they were satisfied with the sentence and would not seek a more substantial penalty.

During the trial, Prosecutors shared the chronology of Jamnitzky’s arrest. Police were initially summoned to a local bar – The Pad Bene on Jalan Benesari in Legian, where the Englishman was intoxicated and refusing to pay for his consumed food and beverages. Struggling with the arresting officers, the man began screaming, demanding he be allowed to go home. 

Under interrogation at the Kuta Police Precinct, the Englishman refused to sit calmly when directed to do so by police, choosing instead to scream incessantly. Police then placed the intoxicated man in a holding cell. Secured in a cell, Jamnitzky physically attacked policeman Adhi W, inflicting bruises and abrasions on the officer’s face and body, including delivering kicks to Adhi’s face. The injuries left the policeman with broken teeth, bleeding wounds to the eye, and bruises on various parts of his body.

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Brit Facing Jail for Assaulting a Bali Cop

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