Garuda Flexes its Wings Internationally reports that in anticipation of growing demand over the Christmas and New Year’s period, Garuda Indonesia offers flights to a growing list of selected foreign destinations.

The national carrier will be operating flights to several international destinations, including Singapore, Malaysia, South Korea, Japan, Australia, and Europe.

Starting in December, Garuda will operate:

Jakarta – Singapore 

GA836 Jakarta-Singapore: Daily flights 

GA837 Singapore-Jakarta: Daily flights

 Jakarta – Kuala Lumpur 

GA820 Jakarta-Kuala Lumpur: Tuesday, Thursday, and Sunday 

GA821 Kuala Lumpur- Jakarta: Tuesday, Thursday, and Sunday

Jakarta – Bangkok

GA866 Jakarta-Bangkok: Dec. 10, Dec. 13, Dec. 17, Dec. 20, Dec. 24, Dec. 31 

GA867 Bangkok-Jakarta: 3 December, 6 December, 10 December, 13 December, 17 December, 20 December, 31 December

Jakarta – Hong Kong

GA876 Jakarta-Hong Kong: Dec. 8, Dec. 12, Dec. 15, Dec. 19, Dec. 26 

GA873 Hong Kong-Jakarta: Dec. 8, Dec. 12, Dec. 15, Dec. 19, Dec. 26

Routes to Japan and South Korea 

Jakarta – Haneda (Japan)

GA874 Jakarta-Haneda: Dec. 9, Dec. 12, Dec. 16, Dec. 19, Dec. 23, Dec. 26, Dec. 30 

GA875 Haneda-Jakarta: Dec. 8, Dec. 11, Dec. 13, Dec. 15, Dec. 18, Dec. 20, Dec. 22, Dec. 25, Dec. 27, and Dec. 29

Jakarta – Osaka (Japan) 

GA888 Jakarta-Osaka: Tuesday and Friday 

GA889 Osaka-Jakarta: Thursday and Sunday 

Jakarta – Seoul (South Korea) 

GA878 Jakarta-Seoul: Tuesday and Thursday 

GA879 Seoul-Jakarta: Thursday and Saturday

Routes to Australia and Europe 

Jakarta – Sydney (Australia) 

GA712 Jakarta-Sydney: Tuesday 

GA713 Sydney-Jakarta: Thursday 

GA7134 Sydney-Jakarta: Tuesday 

Jakarta – Perth (Australia) 

GA724 Jakarta-Perth: Thursday 

GA725 Perth-Jakarta: Thursday

Jakarta – Melbourne (Australia) 

GA716 Jakarta-Melbourne: 10 December, 17 December, 24 December, 31 December 

GA717 Melbourne-Jakarta: Friday 

Jakarta – Amsterdam (the Netherlands) 

GA088 Jakarta-Amsterdam: Tuesday and Thursday 

GA089 Amsterdam-Jakarta: Thursday and Saturday

Before purchasing any international ticket, passengers are reminded of their responsibility to understand and fulfill all legal requirements of their chosen destination regarding testing for COVID-19 and quarantine requirements.

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