“Kebo Iwa Express” – Sinks Near Sanur Port

Radarbali.id reports that Kebo Iwa Express – a “fast boat” connecting Sanur Beach and Nusa Penida began to sink near Sanur Beach on Tuesday, 03 January 2022, just before sunset at 5:30 pm that saw passengers and crew don life jackets and jump into the ocean.

The frightening emergency at sea took place at a location that is two miles east of the newly-inaugurated Sanur Port. 

Preliminary information states the KM Iwa Express carried 29 souls – six crew and 23 passengers.

The Head of the Gianyar Water Police (PolAir), AKP Wayan Antariksawan, said the sinking vessel and passengers and crew abandoning ship could be seen from Manyar Beach at the village of Ketewel. Local villagers could not launch their simple boats to rescue the passengers and crew due to the high seas at the time.

For those in peril on the Seas

All the passengers and crew floating in the sea and wearing flotation devices were eventually assisted by other ships operating in the area. The survivors were brought to the nearby Sanur Port.

Kebo Iwa Express Fast Boat operates from Sanur beach, Bali, with multiple daily direct fast boat ferry trips from Sanur to Nusa Penida.