Lingering Odor: Bali TPST Plants Off-Line

Widespread protests from area residents regarding the foul aromas emanating from the Coordinated Waste Disposal Plant at Kesiman, Kertalangu (TPST-Kertalanggu), resulted in a temporary shutdown of the facility starting on 23 July 2023.

Since late September, trial runs and testing procedures have not eliminated the foul odor produced in the waste management process. reports that the bad smells from the plant are less than those experienced before the ordered shutdown. 

Because foul odors persist, the Deputy-Mayor of Denpasar, I Kadek Agus Arya Wibawa, on Thursday, 05 October 2023, said the municipal authority is summoning the management of TPST-Kertalanggu. Wibawa said the TPST’s management would be asked to take steps to end the odors coming from the plant.

Wibawa said that shifting winds are now sweeping the odorous emissions over residential areas at Kesiman Kertalanggu. 

The deputy mayor shared that TPST-Kertalanggu’s management has committed that the plant will be fully operational without any fouling of the atmosphere by late 2023.

The TPST-Kertalanggu manager claimed the problems encountered at the waste disposal facility were mainly due to the fact that the plant is the first of its kind operated in Bali. 

The TPSTs have been built in Bali at Kertalanggu, Tahuna Ngurah Rai, and Padangsambian Kaya. None of the three plants will be operating in October 2023. 

CMPP – the management company and builder of all three TPSTs in Bali, claims they are taking all the necessary steps to end emissions, the smell of which is sparking widespread protests.

With the ongoing fire at TPA Suwung, the need for alternative waste disposal plants in Bali has become highly critical.

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