New Year’s Fireworks Need a Police Permit

Firework displays in Bali to celebrate the change of year can only be conducted with the permission of the Island’s police. As of 24 December 2022, police have issued permits to 33 locations where firework displays can occur. quotes the Head of the Bali Police, Putu Jaya, speaking at a police drill for “Ops Lilin Agung 2022” at Renon Field on Thursday, 22 December 2022. 

Police are focusing on controlling and monitoring the use of fireworks over the holidays to maintain public peace, reduce injuries, and limit the risk of accidental fires.

Inspector General Putu Jaya Danu Putra, Bali Police Chief

“We are paying attention to the threat of fire. Therefore every firework display must have an official permit because many people will attend, and we need to anticipate any threats,” said General Putu Jaya. Police have undertaken safety assessments at each location, providing guidance and supervision to those launching the pyrotechnics.

All operators were reminded of the need to hold permits for fireworks use and of all current laws governing such holiday displays.

Police are ensuring that designated entrances and exits are in place at each of the 33 areas, the need for security posts, and the availability of emergency medical support. 

Police have not set specific time limits for the hours during which fireworks can be deployed, leaving that decision to those in charge of each venue.

Bali’s top cop expressed his wish that Christmas and New Year in Bali can be celebrated in an orderly fashion, involving all community members in a spirit of joy and mutual goodwill. 

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