No Fishing Allowed on Nusa Dua Peninsula

The Indonesian Tourism Development Corporation (ITDC) – the State-owned Nusa Dua Complex managers, have forbidden fishing from the shores of their southernmost peninsula. reports that ITDC fishing a precautionary step following the recent death of a fisherman who was swept off the peninsula and drowned in the surrounding waters.

The “No-Fishing” rule was announced via a circular memorandum (Number 494MD-ND/ITDC.ND/VI/2021) dated 10 June 2021. In making the rule, ITDC cited weather conditions, high waves, and recent drowning in the area, prompting their decision. I Gusti Ngurah Ardit, the managing director of ITDC, stated that in making the rule, prior consultation and coordination was undertaken with local officials from the Benoa District surrounding the ITDC.

Continuing, Ardit said the prohibition against fishing on the peninsula also reflected government directives to limit public activities and gatherings during the COVID-19 pandemic. The decision, he said, was taken to avoid future accidents and safeguard the image of Bali as a tourism destination. The Village Head (Lurah) of Benoa, Wayan Karang Subawa, affirmed the prohibition of fishing from the peninsula at Nusa Dua was undertaken in conjunction and consultation with ITDC.

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