Role of Special Economic Zones in RI reports that a National Council on Special Economic Zones (SEZ) has designated the creation of the Kura-Kura Bali Special Economic Zone located at Serangan Island in South Denpasar. The new Special Economic Zone will seek to increase tourism development in Bali by developing a marina and resort.

According to the coordinating minister for the Economy, Airlangga Hartanto, the chairman of the National Council on Special Economic Zones, estimates the total value of the investment for the Kura-Kura Bali Economic Zone over thirty years to be Rp. 104 trillion. Hartanto said the island development would generate 35,00 direct jobs and 64,000 non-direct employment positions while conserving US$31.8 billion in foreign exchange.

Seen nationwide, Hartanto said that Special Economic Zones in Indonesia (SEZ) would succeed in increasing investment in 2023 by Rp. 61.9 trillion. This new level of investment is expected to create 78,744 new jobs in the execution of Rp. 214 in investment commitments.

The coordinating minister said the role of the SEZ National Council is to provide guidance and eliminate obstacles by facilitating access to existing facilities.

Following existing regulations, the Special Economic Zone Concept enhances the Online Single Submission Investment (OSS) process, improves human resources, and provides infrastructure support to future SEZ projects. Payment programs are also formulated using Special Export Schemes and cooperative efforts between government and private enterprises.

Airlangga Hartanto boasted that Special Economic Zones have already achieved Rp. 30.9 trillion in new investments or 27% of total cumulative investment creating 27,526 new jobs.

Through 2022, Rp. 113.2 trillion in new investments have been achieved, creating 55,678 jobs and investment commitments of Rp. 214 trillion.

 Special Economic Zones (KEK) have been spearheaded and established the following KEK/SEZs:

  • KEK Galang Batang
  • KEK Kendal
  • KEK Gresik
  • KEK Sai Mangkei
  • KEK Nongsa

Meanwhile, tourism-based SEZ(KEKs) are in operation at:

  • KEK Mandalika
  • KEK Lido
  • KEK Tanjung Kelayan
  • KEK Tanjung Lesung
  • KEK Singhasari

Airlangga has revealed that obstacles are sometimes encountered in creating Special Economic Zones (KEK). These obstacles include land acquisition and land management; cash shortages; lack of top-management capability; and a lack of adequate infrastructure.