Sanur Sea Terminal Causing Traffic Jams

The recently opened Sanur Harbor Terminal Complex’s continuing operation for ships from Sanur to Nusa Penida Island and Lembongan has markedly enhanced the travel experience of tourists visiting the nearby island group off Bali’s southeast shore. But, at the same time, the large influx of passengers traveling to and from the Sanur Port Terminal is causing traffic jams and periodic gridlock on Jalan Bypass Ngurah Rai between Tohpati and the KFC intersection in Sanur.

As quoted by, the Deputy-chairman of the Bali Provincial House of Representatives (DPRD-Bali), Nyoman Sugawa Korry, has called on the Transportation Directorate to seek a solution to remedy the traffic jams caused by the new Port’s operation. Korry warns that if something is not done to end the traffic congestion, public order and the enjoyment of locals and tourists will be disrupted.

Continuing, Korry said on Wednesday, 26 April 2023: “The Sanur Crossing Port to Nusa Penida provides great benefit to the public. The desire to use the port facility is very high, resulting in a busy terminal area. The effect of this is reflected in the current traffic congestion.”

Korry said that he had undertaken a survey and gathered the viewpoint of the public in the field who blame the traffic congestion on Jalan Bypass Ngurah Rai in Sanur on the comings and going of vehicles at the Sanur – Nusa Penida Port Terminal.

“The Sanur area is congested with vehicles entering and leaving with their passengers to make the crossing between Sanur and Nusa Penida – Lembongan. This problem requires a solution from the Transportation Directorate. But, until now, they have failed to handle the matter,” said Korry.

Meanwhile, local observers in Sanur place responsibility for the traffic congestion on the failure of those designing the new Port to anticipate increased vehicular traffic and plan access roads accordingly.

Korry says the solution to the current traffic jams requires the involvement of the Bali Provincial Administration and the Municipal Authorities of Denpasar. The actual management of the Sanur Port is in the hands of Pelindo – the State-owned Port Management Company. Korry hoped the Provincial and Municipal Authorities of Denpasar would also be involved in future port management.

Korry also pointed out that the new Sanur Port Terminal needs to meet the aspirations of the surrounding community by providing employment opportunities for members of the Sanur community. “In the future, local workers from Sanur should have optimized employment opportunities,” said the local legislator.

Steps Underway to End Traffic Jams

In an initial step to alleviate the current traffic congestion at the entrance to the Sanur Port Terminal,  the Municipal Government of Denpasar has introduced firm parking enforcement measures on Jalan Bypass Ngurah Rai. The Deputy Mayor of Denpasar, I Kadek Agus Arya Wibawa, announced the decision to introduce the new parking rules during a meeting of stakeholders in Denpasar on Friday, 28 April 2023.

Wibawa stated that the Sanur Port Terminal is under the control of the Ministry of Transportation.

The current gridlock and traffic jams are caused by the lack of parking areas surrounding the port area. As a result, vehicles currently park and double-park along the Bypass Road, particularly in the early morning and late afternoon when many boats depart and leave the Port.

A team of Denpasar officials will forbid parking and supplement enforcement measures along both sides of the roadway along the entrance to the Terminal.

A municipal team led by Wibawa will soon seek suitable land for parking areas near the Sanur Port. Most land suitable for development as parking lots are privately held, requiring discussion and negotiations to acquire the space for public parking lots.

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