WFB & Vaccinated Tourist Programs Delayed

The government-backed “Work from Bali” (WFB) initiative and “Vaccinated Tourists to Bali” (Wisata Vaksin ke Bali) are in temporary suspension until 20 July 2021, while Emergency Limitations on Public Movement (PPKM-Darurat) prohibitions remain in effect.

Indonesian Minister of Tourism, Sandiaga Uno

Quoted by, the Indonesian Minister of Tourism, Sandiaga Uno, said in a teleconference on Monday, 05 July 2021: “The PPKM-Darurat must be followed in its entirety. Until 20 July, we must follow all guidelines to put the brakes on mobility. We must 100% work from home. Similarly, activities related to ‘Work from Bali’ and ‘Vaccinated Tourists to Bali’ are temporarily suspended.”

Minister Sandiaga Uno emphasized that the Work from Bali and Vaccinated Tourists to Bali programs are only postponedHe said the Ministry would restart once the PPKM-Darurat Program ends, and new cases of COVID-19 are brought under control.

“What has not been postponed are preparations from the reopening of Bali. We are coordinating and synchronizing policies. This continues (during PPKM)”, said the Minister.

Sandiaga Uno told how he had held discussions with Bali’s Governor I Wayan Koster regarding implementing measures connected to PPKM Daurat 03-20 July 2021. He shared how the Island’s Governor sadly accepted the harsh restrictions imposed by the emergency measures on the people of Bali.

Describing the Governor’s response, Sandiaga said: “He asked that programs of assistance and grants to the tourism sector, social assistance to the larger community, and incentives to tourism operators and creative economy workers – all be accelerated in their realization. Almost 2 million Balinese are dependent on the tourism and creative economy sectors.”

The Minister said when the number of new daily cases of COVID-19 falls below 100 and vaccinations is given to 70-80% of local residents in Bali will his Ministry be able to restart the ‘Work from Bali” and “Vaccinated Tourists to Bali” initiatives. Adding: “We hope these pre-conditions can be achieved and the global COVID-19 situation becomes more conducive. (When this happens) we will bring forth the decision of the President to reopen Bali, such as the dynamic reopening of Phuket by our colleagues in Thailand.”

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