Arrivals and Length of Stay on the Increase

The Bali Central Statistic Agency (BPS-Bali) recorded 469,227 tourist visitors in March 2024, a 3.06% increase over the 455,277 foreign visitors who came to Bali in February. 

In March, Australian tourists to Bali dominated arrivals at 24.28%,

As reported by, the head of BPS-Bali, Endang Retno Sri Subiyandani, revealed that Mainland Chinese (PRC) at 29,671 decreased a dramatic 45.99% in March from the 54,933 who landed in Bali in February 2024.                                                                                                                                     

.During March 2024, European tourist arrivals to Bali totaled 22,878 – an increase of 21.17% over the previous month.

The top 5 sources of foreign arrivals to Bali in March 2024 were:

  • Australians 113,949
  • India 41,690
  • PRC (China) 29,671
  • UK 24,114
  • USA 23,417

Hotel Occupancies

The occupancy rate for starred hotels in Bali in March 2024 was 52.71%, a 2.56-point decline from February 2024, when occupancy averaged 55.27%.

Occupancy rates at non-starred hotels in March averaged 38.44%, a decline of 2.47 points from February when the average of 40.91%,

The average length of stay (LOS) for foreign and domestic visitors in March was 2.87 days, an increase of 0.25 points over February 2024, when the LOS was 2,62 days. The average length of stay at non-starred hotels in Bali in March was 2.66 days, a modest increase from the average LOS recorded for February of 2.6 days,

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