Bali Arrival Numbers Encouraging

Indonesia’s Minister of Tourism and the Creative Economy, Sandiaga Uno, says Bali visitor arrival numbers are improving due to strict adherence to health and sanitation protocols.

Sandiaga said on Saturday, 02 April 2021: “When I became Tourism Minister in December of 2020, we were experiencing extreme lethargy, but by closely following health protocols and continuing to motivate the travel industry, I observed month by month improvements.” 

Continuing, the Minister said: “Our first tourism destination is Bal. Last month I communicated to several friends that we are targeting 3,600 domestic visitors per day.”

That target, however, was surpassed in March by 25%, with an average of 4,500 daily visitors coming to Bali.

Speaking on 02 April in the lead up to the Easter weekend, Sandiaga said he had been informed that total visitors averaged over the past two days had exceeded 8,000. He pointed out that average arrivals in pre-pandemic days averaged 16,000 passengers, meaning recovery is now approaching 50% of former levels.

“This is a big relief to our hearts, but we remain on guard as we still sit in the middle of the pandemic. Even those tourism arrivals are increasing, we continue to follow health protocols carefully,” said Sandiaga.

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