Bali Battens Down its Hatches

As reported by, Bali’s Governor Wayan Koster has demanded stricter implementation and enforcement of all COVID-19 health protocols at villages, districts, financial centers, and public gathering places. Koster’s call for absolute adherence to the rules comes after record-high increases in the rate of new infections across Java, Bali, and the rest of Indonesia.

“The tightening of enforcement of health protocols takes place at traditional markets, modern shopping centers, self-service markets, tourism destinations, hotels, travel attractions, and restaurants. In addition, rapid antigen tests are being conducted on an unscheduled basis at various surprise locations wherever the public are known to congregate,” said the Governor on Wednesday, 23 June 2021, during a coordination meeting with Regents, the Bali police, and military personnel.

The Governor explained that Bali is following a “3 -T” program to combat COVID-19 of “Tracing, Testing, and Treatment.”

Koster also warned that domestic travelers coming to Bali by air, sea, or land are now facing stricter travel requirements. Air passengers and ferry passengers landing in Bali have to present proof of a negative antigen test or PCR swab test using QR Codes to prevent falsification.

Enforcement at the airport and seaports in Bali is assisted by members of the Indonesian Armed Forces (TNI), police, and immigration officials. “Pop-Up inspections” are also being conducted by Bali COVID-19 Task Force members who are asking the public to undergo testing at unannounced checkpoints. People testing positive for the coronavirus will be taken to special quarantine centers prepared by the provincial government.

The Governor has issued orders to the head of the Bali Health Department to work closely with Bali’s Sanglah General Hospital and The Udayana University in investigating and analyzing all new cases of COVID-19 in Bali.

Growing Level of New Cases in Bali

From 14 May until 18 June 2021, the number of new cases of COVID-19 had stabilized at two digits – below fifty cases per day. At the same time, the “cure” rate for Bali has reached 96%. Fatalities during this period have remained below 5 per day. Overall, “active” cases on the Island had remained below 400 people.

However, from 19 June until 23 June 2021, a significant increase of new cases has occurred, with 155 new infections on 19 June, 106 new cases on 20 June, 91 new cases on 21 June, 127 new cases on 22 June, and 187 new cases on 23 June.

On a cumulative basis, Bali’s total number of active cases has reached 919 people (1.89%). Overall cure rates stand at 94.95%.

Death rates remain at around 5 per day, with most exhibiting co-morbidities such as hypertension, heart disease, pulmonary diseases, and diabetes.

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