8 PM Closing/Limit Capacity thru 05 July

Indonesia is tightening limitations on public gatherings and public movement under PPKM Mikro guidelines issued by the government.

In a virtual press conference broadcast on Youtube on Monday, 21 June, the Coordinating Minister for the Economy, Airlangga Hartono, announced that shopping centers across the nation must close by 8:00 pm local time, effective 22 June until 05 July 2021.

Quoted by Balipost.com, Airlangga said: “Activities in shopping centers, malls, markets, and business centers are allowed only until 8:00 pm WIB, and the limitation on visitors is to a maximum of 25% of total capacity.”

Continuing, the Minister said: “In addition to strengthening PPKM Mikro standard, directions from the President demands adjustments be made, so these limitations will begin tomorrow 22 June and last until 05 July (two weeks). Details on the strengthening of PPKM Mikro will be explained in instructions to be issued soon by the Interior Minister.

Airlangga warned the public to expect restrictions on public activities in restaurants, warungs, cafes, kaki lima vendors, and stalls operating independently or forming part of a shopping complex. In all cases, the maximum capacity for visitors/consumer is 25% of the total capacity.

Culinary operations can continue to serve orders only until 8:00 pm.

Dine-in is limited to 25% of maximum capacity.

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