Bali Begins Closing Public Parks

NusaBali reports that Bali’s Provincial Enforcement Agency (Sat Pol PP Provinsi Bali) is taking firm actions in the face of a recent increase in new cases of COVID-19 and government steps to limit public movement.

The Sat Pol PP has closed Denpasar’s largest public park – Lapangan Puputan Margarana Niti Mandala, effective Tuesday, 22 June 2021.

The chief of the Sat Pol PP for Bali Province, Dewa Nyoman Rai Darmadi, said the closure of the Lapangan Puputan Margarana Niti Mandala was done by erecting barriers and police lines barring entrance to the monument park. Uniformed Officers are standing on duty, ensuring no one can use the park for strolls or exercise.

“Up until now, the public exercising in the park were tolerated by supervising officers. Our officers reminded people to obey all health protocols. (Now), we have closed the park until an undefined time in the future,” said Darmadi on Tuesday, 22 June 2021.

Darmadi said the closure of the park took effect from Monday night, 21 June 2021. Adding: “As long as the park is closed, no public activities are allowed. Our officers will continue to supervise in light of the growing number of COVID-19 cases. This is a preventative step.”

Further closure of public spaces in Bali by the Sat Pol PP can be expected under instructions from the Minister of the Interior on the Limitation of Public Movements (PPKM Mikro) extended nationally until 05 July 2021. “The Sat Pol PP for Denpasar has also closed the Lapangan Puputan Badung and Taman Kota in Lumintang in order to prevent public gatherings and the further spread of COVID-19,” said Darmadi.

The Provincial Government of Bali is asking the public to exercise caution in publishing any reports and images on social media regarding the limitation of large-scale public movement (PSBB). Some of the information and pictures currently being shared is a hoax.

Some information shared on national media and social media incorrectly reports that the province of Bali has been declared a “red zone” when, in fact, Bali sits in a lower “orange zone”  category, signifying a “moderate” risk of contagion. Hoax information being spread by the media is damaging to Bali’s image and recovery efforts against COVID-19.

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