Bali GRAB Bike Rider Rapes Brazilian Woman

The State News Agency Antara reports on the case of a Brazilian woman raped by a GRABBike driver, Wangkadasih Dever (26). The Brazilian woman, identified as LGW (26), is now being attended to by Bali Police and qualified psychiatrists.

The head of the Denpasar Police Precinct, Commissioner Bambang Yugo Pamungkas, said on Friday, 18 August 2023, that a group of officers from the criminal investigation division tracked and captured Wangkadasih Dever in Pasuruan, East Java. Originally from Jember, East Java, Dever was apprehended within 24 hours of the receipt of a report filed with the Denpasar police. The Brazilian woman reported her rape to the Police on 07 August, two days after her Saturday, 05 August rape by the GRAB driver

Wangkadasih Dever (Bali Express)

The woman told Police that after attending a party at the Puri Kelapa Quest Villa in the Uluwatu area of South Bali. LGW summoned a GRABBike online driver at around 4:00 a.m. to bring her back to Villa Asri in Jimbaran.

When the GRABBike driver fetched the Brazilian to bring her to Villa Asri, Wangkadasih drove a circuitous route over small back roads, eventually arriving at a remote and unpopulated spot on Jalan Nyang Nyang, South Kuta. At that location, the driver threatened the woman with a bottle, striking her repeatedly and vowing serious injury or death if she resisted his sexual advances.

The man proceeded to rape the Brazilian woman. He later drove her to her destination, dropping the woman 100 meters before the address so he could escape before she could raise an alarm.

When interrogated by Police, the driver blamed the woman’s skimpy clothing for triggering his criminal sexual attack. 

Wangkadasih Dever has been working as a Grabbike driver for three months. 

Police are charging the GRABBike driver under Section 285 of the Indonesian Criminal Code, punishable by up to twelve years in prison and a maximum fine of Rp. 50 million. 

Police traced the GRABBike driver through the GRAB organization to a boarding house in Kerobokan. When the Police went to the boarding house, they discovered that the driver had quickly escaped to East Java when he was finally taken into police custody on Tuesday, 08 August 2023 at 9:30 p.m.

A medical and forensic examination of the Brazilian woman revealed wounds consistent with being struck repeatedly with a blunt object. Traumatized by her experience, the Police have assigned a psychologist and team of doctors to provide additional treatment to the woman.

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