2 Indonesian Airlines Ranked World’s Worst

Usebounce.com has published the 2023 annual ranking of the best and worst US domestic and international airlines based on the following criteria:

  • Punctuality
  • Maximum free baggage allowance
  • Staff service, meals, inflight entertainment, and seat comfort
  • The number of complaints received by the rated airlines

The 2023 compilation of the best and worst international airlines has been published.

The World’s Best Airlines According to Bounce.

Usebounce.com also presents the top ten “best” airlines – eight are Asian air carriers:

  1. Japan Airlines 8.28/
  2. Qatar Airways 7.50/10
  3. Korean Air 7.19/10 
  4. Vistara 6.43/10
  5. All Nippon Airways 6.23/10
  6. Ethiopian Airlines 5.99/10
  7. Air India 5.40/10
  8. Azul Airlines 5.25/10
  9. Vietnam Airlines 5.16/10
  10. Singapore Airlines 7.63/10

The flip side of the usebounce.com survey is its list of the world’s ten worst airlines. Highly embarrassing is the fact that two Indonesian Airlines – Wings Air and Lion Air, both part of Indonesia’s largest air carrier – The Lion Air Group – were ranked as the world’s worst airlines.

Lion Air and Wings Ranked the World’s Worst Airline by UseBounce.com

The 10 Worst Airlines According to Bounce:

  1. Wing Air (Lion Air Group) 0.37/10
  2. Lion Air (Lion Air Group) 0.61/10
  3. Jetstar Airways 0.94/10
  4. Flydubai 1.0/10
  5. Viva Aerobus 1.18/10
  6. Wizz Air 1.31/10
  7. Ryanair 1.63/10
  8. Vueling Airlines 1.96/10
  9. Air Canada 2.11/10
  10. Volaris 2.11/10

In relegating Wing Air as “the world’s worst airline,” Bounce gave the low-cost airline a very low 47.69% on-time rating and a 15.91% flight cancellation rate. In its negative assessment, Bounce noted Wing Air’s policy of not granting any free luggage allowance for economy travel and its lack of passenger meals and entertainment facilities on its flights. Wing Air’s seat comfort received a two out of five rating, with crew service scoring only two out of five. 

Lion Air, the largest corporate component of the Lion Air Group, was also listed by Bounce and ranked as the second-worst international airline. Lion Air operates flights that perform on-time less than 50% of the time while canceling 20.01% of all flights. To Lion Air’s favor, Bounce reports that the airline allows domestic air passengers a 20-kilogram baggage allowance. Lion Air operates an armada comprised of Boeing 737-900ER, Boeing 737-800, Boeing 737 Max 8, and Airbus A330-300.

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