Bali Ocean Cruise Pontoon Sinks

The floating pontoon of Bali Ocean Cruise (BOC), operated by BMR Dive and Waters Sports,  sunk in rough seas at Nusa Penida Island, located a short distance off Bali’s southeastern coast mid-day on Thursday, 02 February 2021.

The boat’s sinking was caught on video and posted on social media.

Fortunately, no injuries were linked to the incident. reports the head of the Nusa Penida Police Precinct, AKP Made Sukadana, said the pontoon is owned by Mangku DJ from Benoa. Before sinking on 02 February, the pontoon sustained a leak on 22 January 2021 that had caused one-side of the pontoon to submerge. Local workers managed to repair and refloat the vessel with plans in place to perform further repairs in Junggubatu Village.

While repositioning the pontoon to the repair location, the vessel was caught in a strong current and large waves, causing it to sink in the heavy seas. The losses resulting from the sinking are put at around Rp. 500 million.