Bali Waste Disposal Plants Underperforming

Delayed plans to commence the full operations of the Coordinated Waste Management System (TPST – Denpasar) in Bali’s capital of Denpasar in June 2023 have suffered further setbacks. Those in charge of the project, initially scheduled for full operation in 2022, blame the repeated delays on the late arrival of critical pieces of equipment and delays in addressing continuing imperfections in the waste plants’ operation.

The Chief of Waste and Sewerage Management (B3) for Denpasar’s Environmental Department, I Ketut Adi Wiguna, has confirmed that the three newly built TPSTs for the City of Denpasar are all operating at less than 60% capacity at the end of June 2023. An earlier directive given by the Coordinating Minister for Maritime Affairs and Investment, Luhut Binsar Pandjaitan, for the three TPSTs to be fully operational in June has now come and gone. 

Adi confessed that ever-changing developments in the field make it impossible to anticipate every problem that materialized when opening the new TSPTs. Adding: “We continue to push our work colleagues. He also admitted that this is the very first time the modern TPSTs are being put into operation in Bali. Nonetheless, the capacity of the new plants continues to improve.”

A new TPST located in the Village of Kesiman Ketralanggu in East Denpasar was built and designed to process 450 tons of waste daily. Currently, the beachside TPST can only process 200 tons or 40% of its targeted total.

Residents in the Kertalanggu area are complaining about the noxious emission of methane-smelling gas, dark chimney smoke billowing from the plant, and the discharge of putrid water from the plant that adjoins the TPST-Kertalanggu.

Another TPST in the village of Padangsambian Kaja, West Denpasar, is also processing 75 tons per day -less than its stated daily capacity of 120 tons.

The TPST Tahura 2 and TPST Tahura 1 in the Tahura Mangrove Forest Area of South Denpasar also work on a sub-capacity level.

Management teams of the four TPST processing plants in Bali are now targeting operating at 60% capacity by the end of July. 

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