Bali to Charge Rp. 150,000 Entrance Tax

The Provincial Government of Bali will levy a fee of Rp. 150,000 (approximately US$10) on foreign tourists entering Bali commencing in 2024. 

The “entry fee” for international tourists, according to, will be charged in Rupiahs as opposed to pricing in U.S. Dollars. Collected at the seaports or Bali’s airport of entry, the fee can be paid electronically.

“Duit” in Indonesian is “Money”

The “entry fee” is based on Law Number 15 of 2023, which empowers the province to charge a fee to supplement Provincial revenues and pay for infrastructure projects across the Island. Wayan Koster, the Governor of Bali, promises that the income from the entry fee will be used in a well-planned and targeted manner that is transparent and completely accountable.

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